The first four words you see describe you.
I saw passionate, naive, and love.  Hmm.
~From Pinterest
Irish girl sunbathing... no, not her... the other one.
haha :)  I don't think Irish people are THAT white. I mean really.  That'  That's white.  Photoshop maybe but funny!
~From Pinterest
Did you want to "ASK" me or "AXE" me? Because, seriously, one is murder.
Short girls- God only lets things grow until they're perfect perfect.  Some of us didn't take as long as others.
How I feel when someone plays with my hair...
Random stuff...I like the last one :)
~From Pinterest
My Dad has the most awesome daughter in the world
Well isn't that the truth. :)
~From Pinterest
Life is better when you're laughing.
It is though! 
~From Pinterest
Elephant pictures
I love elephants.  They're so stinking cute!!!!!
~All from Pinterest
2013 Super bowl Ad- The Clydesdales "Brotherhood" and A Pep Talk from Kid President to You
I didn't realllly watch the game, mostly the commercials.  These are my favorite :)  No, I do not drink Budweiser, but I love horses and have always been a fan of the Clydesdales!!!
From Youtube:
Budweiser- budweiser
Pep Talk- soulpancake
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