I love the 2nd one :)
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The ending.  It's great.
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Yup. :)
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How Animals Eat Their Food
I love this.  I was laughing so hard the first time I saw it :)  My favorite is the rhino.  It's great :D :D  You can see the bloopers here 
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The quote ones are so true :)
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Sorry kids, no more snow days.
haha I found this funny, especially because it's snowing.  On the first day of Spring.  gah.
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10 Things I Will Do Some Day
haha I probably won't do any of these ever but they're cute!
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Miss America answer, How I feel walking away from a strike in bowling, and Ninja Exit Only
1) That will never get old :)  The poor thing...
2) Pretty much! Especially when you never get them.
3) Challenge accepted :)
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The first four words you see describe you.
I saw passionate, naive, and love.  Hmm.
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